July 3, 2004
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Aquariums Proven to Reduce Stress in Patients

Everyone likes to see a colorful display of exotic marine animals, but did you know that aquariums could actually lower a person's blood pressure?

In a recent Purdue University study it was found that oral surgery patients who watched fish prior to their procedures were much more relaxed -  with lower blood pressure and muscle tension - than those who did not. People who watched fish were as calm as another group who had been hypnotized before surgery.

While aquariums and ponds have become increasingly popular in Doctor's and Dentist's offices, managed care facilities and other health care facilities, the maintenance headaches of a poorly designed system can quickly tarnish their appeal. That Fish Guy was created to provide guidance for those entering the realm of environmental aquatic displays, offering full service aquarium and pond design, installation, and maintenance.

At That Fish Guy, we believe in a total approach to service. Our aquatic professionals - with over twenty years experience - can assist you in every stage of designing your aquarium or pond, from conceptual planning to installation. We offer the best in quarantined exotic marine livestock To keep your display pristine, we provide no-hassle aquarium and pond maintenance programs.

We'd love to show you how we can create a relaxing soothing environment for your patients. Please call us for more information or a free consultation and personalized estimate.


Brian Grogger

Managing officer